sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2018

Week ended 11/15/18


The fleet reports continuation of improved offshore fishing as they enter their winter period and exit the rainy season.  Great warm blue water extends almost all the way to the shore and the fleet is reporting some really solid fishing both offshore in inshore.  Fly-fishing and spin casting for big Roosterfish and Jacks inshore is providing plenty of quality action.

The sailfish action has picked up with fish showing as close as the 10-12 mile mark.   Capt. Temo reports quality size Sailfish with many surpassing the 100 lb range along with a really solid Blue Marlin bite out around the 20 mile mark.  Many boats were reporting 3-5 Sailfish per day. This past week Dorado’s were plentiful in the mix with most of the pelagic fishing taking place just 10-12 miles out of the marina.  The Yellowfin have been a little harder to find lately and when found, are 30-35 miles out but, when found, are quality fish up to 150 lbs. The Roosterfish and Jacks were very cooperative this past week by Ixtapa island where there were lots of sardinas drawing in the fish.  Rangers were the lure of choice for the Jacks and Roosters.

IZ Climate:  November moves to their winter climate and a mix of mostly sunny to partly cloudy days. Daily temps are in the mid to upper 80’s and night time temps in the mid 70’s with humidity running in the mid 60’s. The outlook heading into the end of the month is for more of the same. They are approaching the dry season and there is no precipitation projected through the end of the month. Winds are expected to be mild in the 6-7 mph range from the West and WSW.  

Sea Conditions: The offshore water temperature is beginning to cool and is now in the 83-84 degrees range from the 5-6 mile mark at the 100 fathom line all the way out to the 1,000 fathom line at 25-30 miles.  Inshore temperatures are running in the same range to a bit cooler. The offshore water at the 1000 fathom mark is clear blue all the way in the shore. With breezes in mid single digits, the seas are very calm particularly in the mornings.

Best Baits & Lures:  Rigged trolling baits and smoke trail lures continue to produce for the Billfish and Dorado with most boats preferring a mix of rigged baits for the Billfish and smaller lures and feathers for the Dorado.  The. Inshore top water poppers are the favorite for the Roosterfish and Jacks.

Bait Supply: The bait supply remains good and freshly caught baits are provided gratis with most charters. Live baits are readily available at this time and are $5.00/dozen paid directly to the bait vendors.

Our Local Reporter: Captain Temo Verboonen – owner/operator of the Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana.

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