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    Cortez Yacht Charters Weekly Mexico Fishing Report
    Week ended 11/08/18
    With the completion of the Bisbee Black and Blue, the focus in Cabo turns back to recreational fishing and a pair
    of Tuna tournaments. Congratulations to team Chinito Bonita who followed up their win at the Bisbee’s with a
    win at the inaugural Pelagic Rock Star Tuna Tournament with 243 lb cow on day 1 followed by a 218 lb on day 2.
    The Western Outdoor News (WON) Tuna Tournament runs the 7
    The Striped Marlin fishing continues to improve with overall offshore fishing continuing to be productive with
    solid catches of Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and a few Blacks showing up. The fleets reported consistent Blue Marlin
    activity along with some Sails and more and more Stripped Marlin as the Pacific waters begin cooling. The
    Yellowfin were a bit spotty this past week after several commercial seiners showed up recently mostly showing in
    the 20-25 mile range out toward the San Jamie with most averaging in the 25-30lb. The Dorado fishing picked up
    again with mostly mid size fish showing. Most of the Blue Marlin are running in the 200-300 lb range with more
    Blacks showing up around the corner to the East than in the Cabo area. Wahoo were spotty but improved closer
    to the new moon downriggers with Rapalas produced the most action.
    Inshore fishing has continued to produce nice catches of smaller Dorado and schools of Skipjacks with the Sierras
    starting to show as well.
    The 43’ Hatteras Fish Cabo turned in a week of 100% success on 3 days of fishing releasing 6 Striped Marlin and
    returning with 3 solid Dorados for the table.
    Cabo Climate: The month started with very pleasant weather and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with
    average daytime temps in the upper mid 80’s and evenings in the mid 70s’. The 2 week outlook is for more of the
    same with daytime temps in the low to mid 80’s and evenings in the low 70’s. The good news is there is no rain
    forecast through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Winds are expected in the gentle 7-9 mph range through the
    week of Thanksgiving. Humidity is expected to run in the mid 60’s range toward the end of November.
    Sea Conditions: Seas have been relatively calm in the mornings throughout the area with some swells showing up
    in the afternoons. Forecast is for more of the same with winds in the 7-9 mph range out of the WSW and WNW.
    Sea temps are running from 79-81 (Pacific) to 80- 83 around the inside corner to the Gordas.
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    Best Fishing Areas: The hot spots seem to be shifting from the 95 & 1150 spots in October to the west and north.
    Good counts of Marlin are showing up around Cabo Falso and the Lighthouse and out to the San Jamie bank.
    Sailfish and Striped Marlin counts are good in the Migrino area and the quality Dorado seem to have moved north
    along Migrino as well. The Yellowfin are being found 15-25 miles out from the Herradura west to the San Jamie
    Bank. For those willing to make the longer runs, the Finger Bank has started producing multiple Striped Marlin
    counts with a few boats reporting over 20 fish per day. Traffic is light up there competing for increasing numbers
    of migrating Striped Marlin.
    Best Bait & Lures: Feathers and cedar plugs were the favorite for the Tuna with trolled smoke trail lures the
    favorite for the Blue and Black Marlin. Live bait tossed to tailing Stripers was also successful. Soaking live baits
    around the Finger Bank produced successful multiple Striper counts.
    Bait Supply: Live bait is available at the $3.00 per bait upon exit from the harbor. With recent tournament action
    and an increase in seasonal traffic quality live bait has become scarce at times.
    Our local reporters: Captain Roberto Marquez-Castro of the Fish Cabo Fleet and Gaviota Fleet Dock Manager
    Carlos Pena-Mirales.
    The Mazatlan weather has been stellar following the fishing interruption of Hurricane Willa and fishing has
    steadily improved with nice counts of Sailfish showing regularly.
    The offshore boats reported 22 total days of fishing for the week. They released 10 Sailfish and 1 Striped Marlin
    and brought back 13 Yellowfin and 13 Dorados. The inshore pangas had a great week fishing a total of 8 days for
    70 Snappers, 160 Sea bass, 10 Triggers, and 5 Jacks. The Aries IX was the high boat with 2 Sailfish and a Striped
    Marlin on 2 trips.
    Mazatlan Climate: The Mazatlan climate was very pleasant going into November and outlook is favorable mid
    80’s daytime with upper 60’s to low 70’s evenings. Forecast is for mostly sunny and partly cloudy skies with winds
    in the 7-9 mph range primarily out of the West and NW. Humidity will be in the 60’s to low 70’s going into the
    Thanksgiving holiday for very pleasant fishing conditions. No rain is currently forecast through the end of the
    Sea Conditions: The water is seasonally cooling and now in the 81-83 degree range resulting in a larger showing of
    the Striped Marlin. They enjoyed mostly calm seas this past week with some afternoon swells. The future outlook
    is for relatively calm seas with mild breezes predominately from the West and WNW
    Best Fishing Area: The offshore bite for the billfish is starting about 10-12 miles out with best results to the west
    and southwest of the Marina El Cid. In shore, the Super Pangas are finding success all along the coast especially
    around the rocks.
    Best Bait & Lures: Freshly caught rigged trolling baits and smoke trail lures produced best results for the billfish.
    Bait Supply: Freshly caught baits are readily available from the bait boats
    Our Local Reporter: Ms. Kitcia Berenice Ceja-Diaz, the Aries Fleet and Marina El Cid Office Manager and fishing
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    The fleet reports improved offshore fishing as they enter their fall period and exit the rainy season. Great warm
    blue water prevails all the way to the shore and some really solid fishing both offshore in inshore. Fly-fishing and
    spin casting for big Roosterfish and Jacks inshore is providing plenty of quality action.
    The sailfish action has picked up with fish showing as close as the 8-10 mile mark. Capt. Temo reports quality size
    Sailfish with many surpassing the 100 lb range along with a really solid Blue Marlin bite. Many boats were
    reporting 3-5 Sailfish per day. This past week Dorado’s were plentiful in the mix with most of the pelagic fishing
    taking place just 7-12 miles out of the marina. The Yellowfin have been hard to find lately and when found, are
    30-35 miles out. The Roosterfish and Jacks were very cooperative this past week by Ixtapa island where there
    were lots of sardinas drawing in the fish. Rangers were the lure of choice for the Jacks and Roosters.
    IZ Climate: November moves to their winter climate and mix of mostly sunny to partly cloudy days with
    occasional scattered late afternoon thunderstorms. Daily temps are in the mid to upper 80’s and night time temps
    in the mid 70’s with humidity running in the mid 60s to low 70’s %. The outlook heading into the Thanksgiving
    holiday is for more of the same. Occasional scattered late afternoon thunderstorms are slowly giving way to the
    dry season. Winds are expected to be mild in the 5-7 mph range from the West and WSW.
    Sea Conditions: The offshore water temperature is beginning to cool and is now in the 83-84 degrees range from
    the 5-6 mile mark at the 100 fathom line all the way out to the 1,000 fathom line at 25-30 miles. Inshore
    temperatures are running in the same range to a bit cooler. The offshore water at the 1000 fathom mark is clear
    blue all the way in the shore. With breezes in mid single digits, the seas are very calm particularly in the
    Best Baits & Lures: Rigged trolling baits and smoke trail lures continue to produce for the Billfish and Dorado with
    most boats preferring a mix of rigged baits for the Billfish and smaller lures and feathers for the Dorado. The.
    Inshore top water poppers are the favorite for the Roosterfish and Jacks.
    Bait Supply: The bait supply remains good and freshly caught baits are provided gratis with most charters. Live
    baits are readily available at this time and are $5.00/dozen paid directly to the bait vendors.
    Our Local Reporter: Captain Temo Verboonen owner/operator of the Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana.
    Our friends at the El Cid Marina reported another very productive week for their guests. The area is past its prime
    Sailfish season but the close-in fishing available at Puerto Morelos continues to produce great action both
    offshore and inshore for our clients, many fishing for the first time on half day or 6 hour trips.
    The El Cid fleet fished a total 31 trips the past week of fishing. The offshore targeted boats produced a total of 1
    Sailfish, 21 giant Atlantic Barracuda, 37 Bonito, 5 Black fin tuna, a hammerhead, and 1 Wahoo. The targeted
    shallow reef fishing boats tallied 98 Chack-Chi, 6 Black Grouper, 13 Mutton Snapper, 4 Queen Triggerfish, 1
    Spanish Mackerel, 1 Blue Runner and 6 Jacks. A total of 194 fish boated for an average of almost 6 1/2 fish per
    trip many happy first time fishermen many on ½ day or 6 hour trips. The Tequila was high boat with 5 trips
    producing a Sailfish, Giant Barracuda, King Mackerel plus numerous reef fish for their guests.
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    PM/Cancun Climate: Occasional brief scattered thunderstorms continue with the seasonal weather pattern. The
    2 week forecast calls for a week of mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy skies with a 30-40% chance of scattered
    thunderstorms on almost a daily basis through mid November then clearing a bit going into the Thanksgiving
    holiday period. Daytime temperatures are predicted in the low to mid 80’s and evenings now in the mid 70’s.
    Humidity is expected to be in the mid 70’s. Gentle breezes out of the ENE and NNE are expected to continue
    through the end of November.
    Sea Conditions: Water temperatures in the Cancun-Puerto Morelos-Cozumel area is now running in the 81-82
    degree range. Seas are running from calm to a bit choppy depending on the weather conditions. The prevailing
    winds have lowered a bit and are out of the ENE at 8-12 MPH and are expected to continue as such through the
    end of the month.
    Best Bait & Lures: Rigged Ballyhoo, small smoke trail lures were working well for the billfish with feathers also
    working for the Mahi-Mahi and Giant Barracuda. Cut bait is the preferred fare for the reef fishing.
    Bait Supply: The bait supply of locally caught Ballyhoo remains good and are provided gratis with most charters.
    Our Local Reporter: Iris Gonzalez at the Hotel El Cid Spa & Beach Resort and Marina

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