viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

14/02/18 21/02/21

Good físhing week again, sails bite good in the 151milles mark, and some yelowfin tunas show up in the same waters, blue water is only 3 milles out, Inshore produce veryvgood action for jacks, skips, and roosterfis, a lot of skipis and yelowfin tunas mix, also jacks swimmig arrounda

martes, 30 de enero de 2018

16/01018 al 30/01/018


Good físhing last two weeks in zihuatanejo, off shore waters, físhing wasvery productive, Sail fish, Dorado, Marlin and yelowfin tunas, bite well in the 10 milles mark, blue water and calm make very confortables fishing days.

INSHORE : good action by la saladita, spanish makarel, jacks and some yelowfin tunas in the mix with skip jacks are running all over,

Many angler at the pier every days ready to go físhing

sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

03/01/18 to 10/01/18


According to Captain Temo Verboonen, our local reporter, the off shore waters continue to be very productive and have pretty much stayed in the same area for the marlin, sailfish, dorados and yellowfin tuna, in an area that is just 10 miles from the entrance to the Bay.  Temo said they had 9 sailfish strikes for a single day’s fishing and added dorado in the 15 to 20 kg with the yellowfin tuna in the 20 kg. Ranges and the sailfish in the 45kg ranges, (bigger females).  The average marlin are in the 120 kg. Range.  The inshore fishing has slowed up a bit with some jack crevalles, a few rooster fish and bonitos but there has not been much bait along the beach areas to keep the fish in one place and we have to look around to find the spots of fish along the beaches.

IZ Climate:  Mostly sunny and warm days with an average daytime temp at 85 degrees and nights at 71 degrees.  Humidity level averaging 63%.  Excellent fishing weather.

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jueves, 26 de octubre de 2017

10/10/017 to 25/10/2017


Finally, a good weather report came in from Captasin Temo Verboonen, our local reporter for Zihuatanejo, along with an updated fishing report for the area.  Temo said the boats that got out this past week had blue water to the 10 mile mark but after that, the water turned off color greenish and the overall bite was slow.  The captains did see man small sharks around the logs and they did catch a few dorado and sailfish, but all in all, it was not our regular fishing and we are looking forward to improvements, sor sure.  The inshore bite remained very good for the bigger jack crevalles and roosterfish, especially at the mouth of the Valentin River Beaches area.

IZ Climate:  A much improved weather report for the area with a no rain week and daytime temps averaged 88.6 degrees and nights were a 79.3 degrees.  The humidity ratio averaged 76.8% for the week.

Sea Conditions:  Water temps varied from 86-87 degrees with good blue water to about the 10 mile mark before turning greenish outbound from there.  Tropical surface breezes averaged 7.3 mph and the area remained calm for most of the week.

Best Bait & Lures:  Rigged baits worked best for the few sailfish while the dorado bit better on the artificials.  Live bait and poppers were working well for the inshore fishing for jacks and roosterfish.

Bait Supply:  The bait supply remains very good at the $5.00 per dozen for the live bait.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Veroonen, owner-operator of the two super pangas, Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana, continues as our reporter for this area.

jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

15/ 03/2017 al 22/03/2017


According to our local reporter, Captain Temo Verboonen, the off shore fishing for billfish continues to be a bit on the slow side but he few that are being caught have been  respectable sizes.  Temo reported the "Bloody Hook" landed a 250 lb. black marlin, (550 lbs.) this past week that came in rapidly for the angler, having died during the fight.  The fish had a big tuna and a dorado in its stomach but was taken on a small bait being trolled just back of the prop wash.  Temo reported clean blue water started at about 3 milers off shore but the better fishing was at 12 miles or so.  The inshore fishing changed and the fish seem to be moving around to the north and south of IZ.  The better catches came from an area called Rancho, some 30 miles north of the Bay, and produced Sierras and Jacks and many small, baby roosterfish, (all releasables).  Seems like much of the schools of bait have been moving and taking the big schools of game fish with them and locating them is taking some effort by the skippers.

IZ Climate:  A mostly sunny and warm week for this area with daytime temps averaging 83.8 and nights at 72.3 degrees.  Humidity ratio averaging 79%.  Very good climate for fishing.

Sea Conditions:  Sea surface breezes flowing in mostly from the westerly directions and averaged 10.3 mph.  In shore sea temp at 80 degrees and off shore is right at 82 degrees.

Best Bait/Lure:  The off shore catches continue to be best on rigged baits and the inshore fishing best on live bait and artificials, including the poppers.

Bait Supply:  Remains readily available for both, fresh rigging baits that are included with the charter and live bait at $5.00 per dozen.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner-operator of the Secuestro De Amor and Macho Banana, super pangas for inshore or off shore.

jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

8/03/2017 to 15/03/2017


The off shore fishing for billfish has been a little on the slow side but when the boats have connected, it has been with bigger fish.  The Orion reported in with a 450 lb. blue marlin during the past few days and that was a keeper for the angler.  However, the overall off shore catching continues to be on the slowish side for the anglers.  The in shore fishing continues to be full speed action for the jack crevalles on bait and artificials and has been keeping the anglers fast at the rails.  Captain Temo Verboonen reported his boat landed 5 roosterfish at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, along with a few Sierra and the anglers were thrilled with that action.  Valentin Point continues to produce the red hot bite for the jack crevalles on bait and on artificials, too.  Most of the boats are landing 20-25 bigger jacks everyday.

IZ Climate:  A mostly sunny and warm week with mostly clear skies and temps that averaged 85.6 daytime and 69.2 at night.  Humidity Ratio averaged 60%.

Sea Conditions:  Sea surface breezes flowing mostly rom the westerly directions and averaged about 9.8 mph.  Water temps varied from 81-82 from in shore to off shore waters.

Best Fishing Area:  Off shore has been a little slow for the billfish but they are landing a few of the bigger fish.  Roosterfish were found to want to bite near Puerto Vicente Guerrero and the jack crevalle bite at Vicente Point has been exceptional on a daily basis.

Best Bait/Lure:  Jacks taking baits and artificials without hesitation.  Billfish mostly on bigger swim baits.  Roosterfish on live baits.

Bait Supply:  Excellent bait supply and live bait continues at $5.00 per dozen.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner-operator of the super pangas, Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana.

jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017


  According to our local reporter for Zihuatanejo, Captain Temo Verboonen, owner of the Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana, the fishing was a bit slower this past week but still, with some good catches reported from some of the boats.  A near 80 lb.    yellowfin tuna was taken aboard one of the super pangas and a 330 lb. black marlin was taken aboard one o0f the 35' sport fishing cruisers.  We had some mix of sailfish through the week and the overall action started at about 10-12 miles off shore in the beginning of the blue water area.  No dorado reported this past week.  The inshore bite produced very good action from big jack crevalles along with Sierras and bonitos but the fish were spooky and hard to get on.  The better inshore action was along the beaches by Pantla, before Trancones.  

IZ Climate:  A warm and sunny week with excellent daytime temps that averaged 86 degrees and nights at 69 degrees.  Humidity averaged a 62% ratio.

Sea Conditions:  Surface breezes flowing in from the westerly directions at about 9.3 mph average.  Inshore water temps at 79 degrees and off shore temps at 79-80 degrees.

Best Fishing Areas:  The better off shore action started just outside the 10 mile mark and the inshore action was was along the beaches near Pantla, just before Trancones.

Best Bait/Lure:  The inshore wads best with the live bait and the offshore was best with the freshly rigged baits or trolling swimming baits.

Bait Supply:  Remained very good for freshly caught baits for rigging and live bait was available at $5.00 per dozen.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner-operator of the Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana.