viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

20/01/2016 27/01/2016


Captain Temo Verboonen, reportin in for the sportfishers from Zihuatanejo, said the fishing had slowed up due to the full moon on Monday and there were the have and have not boats this past week.  There were some that did well for their anglers and others that drew the proverbial "skunk" for the day.  The inshore fishing was plenty good for the jack crevalles and big eye jacks but have been moving around with the bait locations.  Valentin River was the best area last producing good catches.  Only a few roosterfish and Sierra showing up in the catch bag.  The coming week should change for the better with the growing of the darker moon phase on it's way.

IZ Climate:  A few sunny and warm days and a few partly cloudy days.  Air temps varied from 65 nights to 91 daytime highs and a 56% average humidity level.

Sea Conditions:  Temps are holding stable at 83-84 from inshore to offshore.  Tropical breezes flowing in from the westerly directions and varied from nearly calm mornings to 7-8 mph afternoons.  Near excellent surface conditions for the anglers.

Best Fishing Area:  Almost all of the fishing was accomplished within 15 miles of the entrance to Zihuatanejo Bay.

Best Bait/Lure:  Rigged baits were working best for the billfish but overall, the full moon took it's toll on the catching for many of the anglers.

Bait Supply:  The bait supply remained good enough, especially for the fresh caught rigging baits.  Live bait was still available for $5.00 per dozen.

Area Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, Owner/Operator of Secuestro De Amor.

jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

13/01/2016 20/01/2016


According to our local area reporter, Captain Temo Verboonen, the fishing took a slow-down this past week and while there were billfish and dorado, there seemed to be the have and have nots for the week and it just seemed to be the luck of the draw.  Also, the main bite moved back inshore to more or less the 8-mile mark in the bright, clear blue water out front of the Bay.  The inshore fishing was excellent for about 80% of the time and produced big numbers of jack crevalles along the coastline and was mixed with some roosterfish, bonitos and even a number of wahoo strikes for a change.

IZ Climate:  Air temperatures varied from 70 nights to 92 daytime highs and a 60% humidity level.  The mornings felt coolish and light jackets felt comfortable for the anglers and the crews.  It was a mostly sunny week with a couple of cloudy days in the mix.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temp stable at 83-84 degrees.  Tropical surface breezes varied from near calm to 7-8 miles per hour and in general, near perfect fishing weather.

Best Fishing Area:  Generally, in the area of the 8-mile mark out front of the Bay for the billfish and dorados.  Along the coastline and the white sandy beaches for the inshore action.

Best Bait/Lure:  Freshly rigged baits worked best for the billfish and dorado.  Live baits, poppers and assorted other artificials working well for the jack crevalles.

Bait Supply:  Remained excellent for fresh rigging baits provided gratis with the charters.  Live bait was available at $5.00 per dozen.

IZ Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen

jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

06/01/2016 13/01/2016


Captain Temo Verboonen reports the fish are moving about in his areas and seem to be making south and west daily changes.  Most of the marlin are now being taken in the 10-20 mile offshore mark as are most of the dorado.  Oddly, the sailfish were popping up within a mile of the Bay but they were acting like yo-yos with some days up and some days down.  It seemed to make it easier to miss the fish depending on the direction you selected for the day.  The inshore action was much better for the jacks with some bi schools moving into the Valentin River and the roosterfish were mixing in with them and making for a very good last half of the week.  Overall, it was a pretty good fishing week for the anglers and hopefully it will stay that way.

IZ Climate:  It was a mixed sun & cloud week with temperatures that varied from 67 nights to 91 daytime highs and a 57% humidity level.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temps holding stable at 85-86 degrees and excellent clarity from just a mile or so out of the Bay.  Surface breezes from almost calm mornings to about 8 mph by noon.  Excellent fishing weather.

Best Bait/Lures:  Rigged baits still working best for the sailfish and even a few marlin.  Poppers and live bait working well for the inshore action.

sábado, 9 de enero de 2016

30/12/2015 06/01/2016


According to Captain Temo Verboonen, owner-operator of the Secuestro de Amor, the not so far offshore fishing continues to be in the excellent mode for marlin, sailfish and dorados and starting just past the 1 mile mark out front of the Bay in the blue water.  Lots of big logs with in the area with lots of bait and schooled up dorados.  It's amazing fishing right now and there are more and more anglers showing up everyday and all returning very happy with their day's fishing results.  Plenty of action.  The inshore fishing remains slow for he roosters and jack crevalles but some good big eye jack catching at the rocks.  Overall, it's been a bonanza fishing and catching experience for he first of the year and with any luck at all, the bite will continue for this area.

IZ Climate:  Cooler evenings and mornings but warm and pleasant days with temps hat varied from 66 nights to 92 daytime highs.  It has been a mostly sunny week with just a few passing clouds through the area.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temps holding stable at 86-87 degrees.  Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions from near calm mornings to about 6-7 mph by afternoon.

Best Fishing Area:  Starting at just past the 1 mile mark outbound from the Bay.

Best Bait/Lures:  Rigged baits, live baits and artificials are all working very well.  

Bait Supply:  Excellent bait supply with plenty of freshly caught baits for rigging, live baits at $5.00 per dozen.

viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

23/12/2015 30/12/2015


Captain Temo Verboonen reported the big bite at Ixtapa Island diminished toward the end of the week and probably resulting from the full moon phase that allowed the schools of bait to scatter and escape from the jack crevalle and the roosterfish.  While there is still a few fish there, it is nothing like it has been for the past couple of weeks.  However, the very close off shore fishing, (starting at about a mile outside the Bay) is great action for marlin, sailfish and dorado.  According to Captain Chiro Barragan, skipper of the "Bloody Hook", they had excellent fishing for billfish and dorado all week that included a 270 lb. blue marlin along with multiples of sailfish and dorado.  Excellent fishing continues in this area and was not affected by the full moon.  

IZ Climate:  Mostly sunny and warm days with a few passing clouds.  Air temps varied from 73 nights to 94 daytime highs and a 57% humidity ratio average.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes very light and ranged from nearly calm to about 7 mph.  Sea temps holding stable at 85-86 degrees.

Best Fishing Area:  Right out front of the Bay, staring at about a mile or two, allowing for longer fishing times.

Best Bait/lure:  Rigged baits were working enormously well for the sailfish and dorado.

Bait Supply:  Excellent for both, freshly caught baits for rigging supplied with the charters and live bait at $5.00 per dozen.