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Another good fishing report from Zihuatanejo provided by our on-location reporter, Captain Temo Verboonen.  Temo reported excellent fishing again at Ixtapa Island for Roosterfish and Jack Crevalles, adding that the jack crevalles are so much quicker than the roosterfish getting on the lures and baits but the action was "as good as it gets".  Movie producer, Rob Tapert, (New Zealand) his son & friend spent the morning catching and releasing numerous jack crevalles and landed a 35 lb. roosterfish.  Temo said it was a very fun week for the inshore anglers.  The offshore anglers were also doing quite well with a good mix of dorado and sailfish starting right at the 3 mile mark from the Bay.  Overall, the inshore and offshore action was producing excellent fishing for the anglers  and making for a terrific Christmas fishing season.

IZ Climate:  Partly cloudy Sunday thru Wednesday with a few scattered thunder showers on Wednesday.  Air temps were stable & warm with 73 nights to 95 daytime highs and a 63% average humidity level.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temperatures varied only slightly from 85 inshore to 86 offshore.  Excellent!  Tropical surface breezes flowing from the westerly directions that varied from about 4 mph to 7 mph, (very calm).

Best Fishing Areas:  Ixtapa Island was y far the hot spot for the roosterfish and jack crevalles.  Billfish and dorado started right at the 3 mile mark, right in front of the Bay in the deep,blue & pristine water.

Best Lures/bait:  Poppers and live bait were both working very well at the Island.  Freshly rigged baits, live baits and artificials were all working well for the sailfish and dorados.

Bait Supply:  Remained plentiful even with the full moon condition.  Fresh rigging baits provided with the charters and live bait at $5.00 per dozen.

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REPORT OF 12/17/2015


Captain Temo Verboonen forwarded an excellent fishing report for the past week that reflected very exciting fishing for the anglers for the inshore and off shore waters.  Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, (both stripers and blues) and yellowfin tuna were offering exceptional fishing opportunities that started just over a mile offshore from the entrance to the Bay and on out to the 20 mile mark.  The bite really picked up at about 3 miles out from there.  The inshore fishing provide4d big schools of roosterfish and jack crevalle at Ixtapa Island and they were being overly cooperative on live bait and poppers.  Just a fabulous fishing week for the anglers and the crews.

IZ Climate:  Air temps varied from 71 degrees at night to 96 daytime highs and a 63% average humidity level.  It was a mixed sunny/cloudy week with scattered t-showers on Tuesday & Wednesday, but all still very fishable.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions and varying from calm mornings to 7-8 mph by mid-day.  Excellent fishing weather all over.

Best Fishing Areas:  Starting just a mile or so out from the entrance to the Bay and beyond, picking up at about 3 miles and on out to about 20 miles.  Ixtapa Island was "red hot" for the roosterfish and jack crevalles.

Best Bait/Lures:  Marlin, Sailfish & dorado biing the freshly rigged baits very well and the tuna were biting the live baits well.  The roosterfish and bigger jack crevalles were biting vey well on the poppers and the live baits.

Bait Supply:  A very good supply of baits, both freshly caught baits for rigging and for live baits at $5.00 per dozen.