jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

06/01/2016 13/01/2016


Captain Temo Verboonen reports the fish are moving about in his areas and seem to be making south and west daily changes.  Most of the marlin are now being taken in the 10-20 mile offshore mark as are most of the dorado.  Oddly, the sailfish were popping up within a mile of the Bay but they were acting like yo-yos with some days up and some days down.  It seemed to make it easier to miss the fish depending on the direction you selected for the day.  The inshore action was much better for the jacks with some bi schools moving into the Valentin River and the roosterfish were mixing in with them and making for a very good last half of the week.  Overall, it was a pretty good fishing week for the anglers and hopefully it will stay that way.

IZ Climate:  It was a mixed sun & cloud week with temperatures that varied from 67 nights to 91 daytime highs and a 57% humidity level.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temps holding stable at 85-86 degrees and excellent clarity from just a mile or so out of the Bay.  Surface breezes from almost calm mornings to about 8 mph by noon.  Excellent fishing weather.

Best Bait/Lures:  Rigged baits still working best for the sailfish and even a few marlin.  Poppers and live bait working well for the inshore action.


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