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Captain Temo Verboonen reported the big bite at Ixtapa Island diminished toward the end of the week and probably resulting from the full moon phase that allowed the schools of bait to scatter and escape from the jack crevalle and the roosterfish.  While there is still a few fish there, it is nothing like it has been for the past couple of weeks.  However, the very close off shore fishing, (starting at about a mile outside the Bay) is great action for marlin, sailfish and dorado.  According to Captain Chiro Barragan, skipper of the "Bloody Hook", they had excellent fishing for billfish and dorado all week that included a 270 lb. blue marlin along with multiples of sailfish and dorado.  Excellent fishing continues in this area and was not affected by the full moon.  

IZ Climate:  Mostly sunny and warm days with a few passing clouds.  Air temps varied from 73 nights to 94 daytime highs and a 57% humidity ratio average.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes very light and ranged from nearly calm to about 7 mph.  Sea temps holding stable at 85-86 degrees.

Best Fishing Area:  Right out front of the Bay, staring at about a mile or two, allowing for longer fishing times.

Best Bait/lure:  Rigged baits were working enormously well for the sailfish and dorado.

Bait Supply:  Excellent for both, freshly caught baits for rigging supplied with the charters and live bait at $5.00 per dozen.

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