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According to our local reporter, Captain Temo Verboonen, the off shore fishing for billfish continues to be a bit on the slow side but he few that are being caught have been  respectable sizes.  Temo reported the "Bloody Hook" landed a 250 lb. black marlin, (550 lbs.) this past week that came in rapidly for the angler, having died during the fight.  The fish had a big tuna and a dorado in its stomach but was taken on a small bait being trolled just back of the prop wash.  Temo reported clean blue water started at about 3 milers off shore but the better fishing was at 12 miles or so.  The inshore fishing changed and the fish seem to be moving around to the north and south of IZ.  The better catches came from an area called Rancho, some 30 miles north of the Bay, and produced Sierras and Jacks and many small, baby roosterfish, (all releasables).  Seems like much of the schools of bait have been moving and taking the big schools of game fish with them and locating them is taking some effort by the skippers.

IZ Climate:  A mostly sunny and warm week for this area with daytime temps averaging 83.8 and nights at 72.3 degrees.  Humidity ratio averaging 79%.  Very good climate for fishing.

Sea Conditions:  Sea surface breezes flowing in mostly from the westerly directions and averaged 10.3 mph.  In shore sea temp at 80 degrees and off shore is right at 82 degrees.

Best Bait/Lure:  The off shore catches continue to be best on rigged baits and the inshore fishing best on live bait and artificials, including the poppers.

Bait Supply:  Remains readily available for both, fresh rigging baits that are included with the charter and live bait at $5.00 per dozen.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner-operator of the Secuestro De Amor and Macho Banana, super pangas for inshore or off shore.

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