viernes, 20 de enero de 2017


> A late report from Ixtapa-Zighuatanejo reflected the fishing was red hot for the sailfish and very close in toward the beach and about a mile outside Los Morros de Potosi, and included striped marlin and big blue marlin in the area and quality sized dorado in the mix.  The inshore waters produced a few roosterfish and some Jack crevalles and Spanish mackerel, (aka Sierras).  All in all, Captain Temo Verboonen painted a terrific picture for the anglers this past week with a very good bite that started close to shore.

> IZ Climate:  Daytime temps at 83 degree average and nights at 70 degrees average.  Humidity ratio at 69% average.  A few days with a few clouds but overall, it was a mostly sunny week with good sea surface conditions.

> Sea Conditions:  In shore sea temps at 83 degrees and the off shore sea temps at 84 degrees.  Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions at 8.75 mph, very fishable conditions.

> Best Fishing Area:  1 mile from Los Morros de Potosi, (very close to the beach).

> Best Bait/Lure:  The rigged trolling baits were working very well for the sailfish and there was no hesitation with the bite and often, it was multiple strike action for the anglers.  The squid lures working best for the inshore action.

> Bait Supply: The bait supply was readily available for both, fresh baits for rigging and live baits at $5.00 per dozen paid direct to the bait catchers at time of receipt.

  Our local reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner of the Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana, two excellent super pangas.

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