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Last week was the International Sailfish Tournament from Zihuatanejo that reflected a total of 170 boats entered into what turned out to be difficult fishing and a ways off shore, starting at about the 28 mile mark.  Everything inside that range was green or off colored waters and pretty much void of the billfish.  As it was, the overall fishing was pretty slow for sailfish and marlin and the finality of the event reflected the 1st place winner, taken aboard the sportfisher, "Costa Brava", to be a 38.8 kilo (85.36 lbs.) sailfish, followed by a 35.4 kilo, (77.88 lbs) taken aboard the "Oceana", for 2nd and a 34 kilo, (74.8 lbs.) taken aboard the sportfisher, "Borracho", for 3rd place.  Largest marlin was an 80.6 kilo, (177.32 blue Marlin), taken aboard the sportfisher, "El Vikingo".  No other fish were reported in the event to qualify.  The inshore waters, in addition to being off-colored and cooler, was rough, bumpy and windy for the most part and void of fishing action and very little sea life in general.

IZ Climate:  A few high passing clouds for most of the days and a partly cloudy day for Monday  but overall, lots of sunshine through the week with temps varied from 73 nights to 90 daytime highs and an average of 68.5 humidity level.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes flowing in from the westerly directions and varied from fairly calm mornings to 9-10 mph by late mornings thru afternoons.  Rough and bumpy waters for the inshore areas.  Water clarity was green to aout 28 miles or so and overall, the temps were down a degree or two, reflecting 80 degrees inshore and not much better for the off shore waters.

Best Fishing Area:  Clear water started at about 28 miles off shore where the bite actually started.

Best Bait/Lure:  Rigged trolling baits proved to be the best bet for the winning fish, including the smaller blue marlin.

Bait Availability:  Remained excellent for the entire fishing event and week with good quality fresh caught rigging baits and a good availability for live bait, too, at the $5.00 per dozen rate.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner/operator of the super panga, Secuestro de Amor.

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