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According to Captain Temo Veroonen, the close in yellowfin tuna are pretty much gone from the area and left in the belly of the tuna seiners that let nothing much but the scales.  The few that successfully escaped have moved farther offshore from their 6 miles of last weeks action.  There are more marlin strikes right now in the 220-275 lb. ranges and that action starts just past the 8-mile mark where the greener water turns to deep blue and clear.  The inshore fishing has perked back up again and is fine for jack crevalles, Spanish mackerel, (aka Sierras) bonitos and a few roosterfish in the mix.  Not too many anglers showing up at the dock in the mornings.

IZ Climate:  Air temps very good and varied from 78 nights to 94 daytime highs and a 46% average humidity level.  Some morning clouds and high level clouds but followed with an abundance of sunshine for the area.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temps stable at 81 inshore to 83 offshore.  Sea surface conditions enjoying soft westerly breezes in the 6-7 mph ranges.

Best Fishing Area:  The billfish are staring at about 8 miles offshore and at the edge of the water clarity change from greenish to pristine blue.

Best Bait/Lures:  Rigged baits and bigger lures getting the best action for the billfish.  Live baits working well for the inshore fishing for jacks and roosterfish.

Bait Supplies:  Remain plentiful and readily available.  Fresh rigging baits provided with the charter and live baits are $5.00 per dozen.

Our local reporter:  Captain Temo Verboonen, owner/operator of the super panga, Secuestro de Amor.

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