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According to our on-the-spot reporter, Captain Temo Verboonen, the offshore fishing for billfish provided a much better bite this past week that even included a couple of black marlin, many more bites for sailfish and blue marlin and a good showing for the yellowfin tuna that were biting on regular baits.  Better yet, the fishing was close in, starting at about 3 miles out front of Zihuatanejo Bay.  Also, the inshore fishing action has greatly improved this past week and produced good action for the roosterfish and jack crevalles.  Overall, the fishing rebounded nicely and provided anglers with excellent fishing.

IZ Climate:  Overall, it was a good weather week except for a single bad weather day of wind and rain and rough seas.  Air temps varied from cooler nights and mornings at 64 degrees to 81 daytime highs that included mostly sunny days.

Sea Conditions:  Sea temps holding at 84-85 degrees from inshore to offshore.  One day of rough, windy and rainy conditions that are unusual for this time of year.  Otherwise, the surface flow was mostly varied from nearly calm to 4-5 mph.

Best Fishing Area:  Starting at about 3 miles offshore in front of Zihuatanejo Bay.  

Best Bait/Lure:  Rigged baits working well for the billfish.  Live baits working well or he yellowfin tuna offshore and also for the roosterfish and jack crevalles inshore.

Bait Supply:  Remains plentiful for both, fresh rigging baits and live baits.  Live bait is $5.00 per dozen paid direct to the bait vendor at time of receipt.

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