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The fishing from Zihuatanejo has been providing exceptional catches in the offshore waters that have included some quality sized yellowfin tuna and a terrific bite on the sailfish.  According to Captain Chiro Barragan and his mate, Luis, operators of the 35' Bertram sportfisher, "Bloody Hook", have been providing their anglers with some sensational fishing in the area about 18 miles out front of the white rocks.  According to Chiro, they spent 2 hours & 40 minutes landing a 180 lb. yellowfin tuna with the Mattson charter group and on their 2nd charter day they landed/released 5 sailfish and lost a couple more.  We were in a "hot spot" and the fish wanted to bite, preferring the rigged goggle eye baits.  A couple of the boats fishing the same area landed some extra large yellowfin tuna also and landed a 300 lb. blue marlin.  According to Captain Temo Verboonen, most of the boats were successful with multiple strikes on a daily basis but even with that, there were a few that drew blanks, too.  The inshore fishing has been terrific for the big roosterfish and big jack crevalles by Pantla Beach, next to Ixtapa Island, along with some bonitos and Sierras, too. Lots of anglers on the per everyday now and anglers are returning very happy.

IZ Climate:  Air temps varied from 70 nights to 93 daytime highs and a 50% average humidity level.  The weather has been like the fishing, just sensational.  Mostly sunny and warm days and very pleasant evenings and nights.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions and ranged from near calm to 7-8 mph.  Sea Temps stable at 83-84 degrees.

Best Fishing Area:  The better bite are was out front of the White Rocks, starting at about 18 miles or so.  Lots of bird life and surface action in this area.

Best Bait/Lure:  Rigged Goggle Eye baits were working best for the tuna and sailfish.

Bait Supply:  An excellent supply of bait, both live and fresh for rigging.  Rigging baits are provided gratis as part of the charters and live bait are sold at $5.00 per dozen, paid direct to the bait vendor at time of receipt.

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